Dr. Peiman Brouki Milan
Dr. Peiman B. Milan is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Iran University of Medical Sciences since April 2017. He completed his Masters degree in Anatomical Sciences in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (2011) and PhD in Tissue engineering (2016) from Department of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. During his PhD studies, under the supervision of Prof. Joghataei and Prof. Samadikuchaksaraei, he has been specifically trained to process and fabricate skin and bone substitutes with naturally based materials.

Dr. Milan is working on an integrated multidisciplinary tissue engineering approach and advanced methodologies to create complex biomaterials-stem cells constructs. His research interests focus on skin, bone and more recently, cartilage tissue engineering strategies, namely the development of scaffold materials based on biodegradable natural polymers, and stem cells sourcing (umbilical cord, bone marrow and adipose tissue). Also, he is interested in translational aspects of tissue engineering, focusing on autologous approaches and cryopreservation of tissue substitutes. In particular, he is interested in studying how cell-ECM interaction controls cell motility and invasion capability of cells. In order to decipher these cues, he is combining material science and nanotechnology with cell biology tools to design novel in vitro bioengineered experiments. He is actively collaborating with biologists and theoreticians. He has presented in many national and international conferences in the field of tissue engineering and had been acting as a referee of high-profile peer-reviewed journals.