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Personal Information
Email address soltarabiums.ac.ir
Home page
Full name Prof Seyyed Kamran Soltani Arabshahi
Place of birth Iran
Birthday 1956
Marital status Married
Last field of study
Last university Dundee University
Professional Information
Department گروه آموزش پزشکی
Academic Degree PhD
Employ status
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Brief CV

دکتر سید کامران سلطانی عربشاهی عضو هیات علمی گروه آموزش پزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران می باشد.

Educational records
# Course University City Country Graduation Date Total mean
1 medical education Dundee University 2009
2 Board Certification in Internal Medicine 1988
3 Internal Medicine Residency 1984
4 M.D Jundi Shapur University 1980
5 High School Graduation (k12 diploma) 1974
Journals Editorial Board
# Magazine Title Date of Cooperation & Explanations
1 Editorial board member of journal of medical education 2001
2 Editorial board member of Iranian medical journal 2002
3 Editorial board member of urmia medical journal 2007
4 Editorial board of journal of strives in medical education development 2007
5 Editorial board member of Kermanshah journal of medical education 2006
6 Editorial board of journal of Educational Strategies 2011
Awards & honors
# title Date
1 Workshop on Educational Planning-Raja Bandaranayake-THR 1994
2 Workshop on PBL –Ara Tekian-THR 1995
3 Evaluation Seminar on Social Accountability-MANILA 1995
4 Advanced PBL case Writing-Ara Tekian-THR 1995
5 Summer Course on PBL-Mastricht 1997
6 Workshop on Curriculum Planning in Clinical Education1998-ken Cox-THR 1998
7 Certificate in medical education, Dundee University 2009
Professional membership
# Professional memberships Explanations
1 Distinguished teacher selected by students in curriculum planning course in M.SC (shaheed beheshti university) 1998
2 Member of American association of diabetes
3 Member of Iranian association of medical education
4 Member of board of trustee for community medicine 1989-1991
5 Member of community oriented medicine council in ministry of health and education1991-1994
6 Member of continuing education council in ministry of health and education1991-1999
7 Member of medical education board of examination and evaluation since1999 till now (2012)
8 Main lecturer in 8 annual national congress on medical education in Iran 1995-2009
9 Member of the committee for institutional national standards for undergraduate medical education since 2006
10 Chief of committee for curriculum revision framework and standards 2004-2007
11 Member of national standard- building committee for undergraduate medical education 2005
12 Member of national council for educational development since 1995
13 Member of primary court for medical errors in Iranian medical council 2005-2012
14 Member of higher court of medical errors in Iranian medical council 2006-2012
15 Member of committee for basic and clinical science coordination at ministry of health and education 2004
16 Winner of medical education award of Avi cenna festival in 2011
17 Member of research council for centre of educational research in medical sciences 2010 till now(2012)
18 General secretary of technical & scientific committee of national medical Olympiads 2012
19 Secretary of national board of trustee and evaluation of medical education2012
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